The risk of being killed in a car crash is 1 in 5,000 (1). The risk of being killed in a plane crash in America is 1 in 11 million (2). The approximate cost for owning a small car in Australia is 7,624 and to take a Zone 1 and 2 Myki for 52 weeks during the weekdays is $2,028(3)!

In 2014 in Australia personal cars contributed 40 Gigagrams of CO2 equivalent vs approximately 2 Gigagrams of CO2 equivalent with buses and that is flippin huge!(3).

1 Gigagram = 1,000,000 kilograms.

In short, use public transport, walk or ride your bike when you can.

Buuutt if you can’t do that, here are some tips for driving economically:……