Here is where you can make a HUGE difference. One simple thing you can do is buy from op shops and local stores when possible. Otherwise the website below features advice on what good companies are. It’s crazy how much abuse and destruction some companies can cause, and simply by putting our money into companies that consider their suppliers, the environment and the end user we can stop a lot of this happening! Sweatshops, dumping chemical residues, and beating their staff are just some examples of the stuff that goes on.
Have a look at the Ethical shopping guide to see where you should be buying your items!

Also a note on donating your clothes to charity – turns out a lot of op shops have to dispose of a large % (in some cases over 90). So instead you can give them direct to a homeless shelter or organization which dispenses them direct to people who need them.


Sustainable companies:

Sustainable Super:

  1. Health Employees Superannuation
  2. Trust Australia (HESTA)
  3. Non Government Schools Super (NGS)
  4. Australian Ethical Super Funds
  5. VicSuper
  6. The Australian Super Fund
  7. Statewide Superannuation Trust of South Australia
  8. Australian Ethical Investments

Learn more: The documentary “The True Cost”