Alright, the big one! Food!

Essentially the trick to this is to go vegan as meat production requires HEAPS more land and energy than plant production. Nowadays people are more and more aware of the complexity of vegan food and its not just eating salad. However, I know this is hard and I have heard a stat that said if we stuck to eating 100 grams of meat a day, eating meat would actually be sustainable for the world’s current population! In saying that, below are some tips for more sustainable meat consumption. Fish are seriously under threat though, and unsustainable fishing practices have DECIMATED our oceans with heaps of by-catch that is thrown away as well as destroying the livelihoods of subsistence fisherman. So we’d implore you to consider that when buying fish. There are some sustainable brands which are better though.

In general with any food buying local is key, so familiarize yourself with the local produce. Even better, if you have a green thumb, grow your own food.

  1. Buying Local:
  2.  Sustainable Food Sources

More information: The documentary “Cowspiracy”