How To Go Green While Self Isolating

If you’re social distancing and self isolating like us, you may find yourself with more time on your hands. What better time to greenify your home and introduce more sustainable habits. 

We’ve got several ideas that prolong the time between supermarket trips, save money, and don’t involve leaving the confines of your quarantined abode. See below for the inside story… 

  1. Go veggo

Given the state of our supermarket shelves, what a perfect time to start the tradition of ‘Meatless Mondays’… or indeed ‘Meatless Weekdays’ depending on how the supermarket is fairing. 

Even though this habit might not be entirely your choice, take comfort in the fact that it is significantly healthier for the environment (and you).

  1. Use food scraps

From leafy carrot tops to broccoli stems and pineapple cores these ‘food scraps’ all have wonderful but relatively unknown health benefits. Get creative and use them in anything from salads to frittatas and you’ll be well on your way to zero-waste.

For inspiration and recipes check out this article by Two healthy kitchens here and another one by Amazing Waste Cookbook here

  1. Propagate herbs and veggies …and an aura of calm

Use your current stash of herbs and veggies to supply yourself for weeks and months to come. Not only will you be corona-apocalyse ready, you’ll be reducing your CO2 footprint.

For herbs, take cuttings from supermarket plants (or your neighbour’s garden) and grab some empty glass jars. Then see Learning Herb’s instructions on cuttings here, or, if the roots still attached follow the advice in this article.

For veggies you’ll need some dirt and/or pots lying around, but no need to buy any special potting mix or fertiliser that you don’t already have. To get going check out Urban Cultivator’s guide here

  1. DIY cleaning cloths

Instead of buying plastic sponges and new cleaning cloths, think resourcefully. Those ripped jeans, out-of-shape tee, and old bedsheets could be your next reusable table wipe.

If you’re out of luck and can’t find anything to at home, order some sustainable reusable wipes online with our affiliate Biome here.

  1. Save water… and money

Self isolation means more water usage at home. So here’s a few tips to reduce your next utility bill while also helping the planet…

  • Wash only full loads of dishes and clothes.
  • Fill an empty plastic bottle with water and place it in the toilet’s cistern. This will reduce the amount of unnecessary water used in each flush.
  • Reuse water from cooking veggies, rice, and pasta. Instead of straining it down the sink use it to make vegetable stock, to water the garden, or bucket flush the toilet. 
  • While you’re waiting for the shower water to heat up, collect the cold water in a bucket and use this for the lawn, your plants, or again to bucket flush the toilet.

Psst… if you’re really at one with nature, save on flushes by taking some inspiration from our video ‘Why pee on your lemon tree?’.

  1. Be more energy efficient

Again, to save our pockets come next quarter, take a look at the following tips, then check out our appropriately apocalyptic video on this here.

  • Thaw food in the fridge instead of the microwave.
  • Fill the kettle with only as much water as you need.
  • When cooking over the stove top keep the lid on pots where possible.
  • Use a toaster instead of the grill to toast bread.
  • Wash clothes in cold water only.
  • Air dry clothes.
  1. Learn more about being eco-friendly

If you’re looking forward to relaxing online, what better time to catch up on our youtube videos and find more tips in our blogs!